Riste Ristevski
Executive Director


The confectionery company LION of Sveti Nikole has an annual export growth of 20%. It is a company with 15 years of experience growing from year to year in terms of production and assortment, and terms of exports. Management is proud that Leona is already becoming a recognizable regional brand!

" My success and the success of the LION company are thanks to the parents Kircho and Katerina Gonevy, who have shared my experience with me and planted valuable habits and sacrifices for the work. They are still very helpful in dealing with and solving everyday problems, especially when planning new goals for the company."

Riste Ristevski, Executive Director

LION of Sveti Nikole is a successful confectionery firm with 15 years of experience, which produces quality confectionery products, awarded with gold medals at several fairs and manifestations. With an annual production volume of 2,500 tonnes of confectionery products, the company's management is constantly making plans for growth and increasing production, conquering new markets, and expanding the range of products. That they are on the right path, proves the fact that the products of LION are sold in many countries in the region and Europe.

The export orientation of the company is especially pronounced since 2004 after the construction of a new facility in Sveti Nikole with an area of ​​4,000 square meters. In the new facility where new production lines were installed, through which the capacities of the existing products were increased, conditions and opportunities were created to offer the products of the LION and outside of Macedonia.

"In this way, the company LION from a small family company has grown into a top export-oriented company for the production of confectionery products recognizable with its products in the region and beyond"

Riste Ristevski, Executive Director

Our confectionery factory is the result of hard work, great dedication, and love for work, especially the aspiration for continuous improvement. Lyon annually produces more than 2,500 tonnes of confectionery products, of which 40% are marketed on the domestic market, and 60% are exported, mostly in the region, and then in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean.

" Every year we participate in top world fairs in the field of confectionery where we represent our products and meet new potential partners and buyers. As a result of this approach, an annual growth of 20% is recorded each year "

Riste Ristevski, Executive Director


On the domestic market, Lyon is most recognized with the product SPORT CREAM, cocoa, and milk cream which is ideal for breakfast for all generations. The company is very pleased and proud that it is precisely this product that is one of the most sought after by housewives who enjoy making homemade sweets for their family, using the LEONA cocoa board to cover cakes and sweets. In the part of the other assortment, in the part of the waffles are made LEONA strudel. One of the products required is the SIRMA coconut pie, which is an innovative product for this company, and there is no other similar in the market.

Lyon's management says that in nearby countries in the region where they market their products, they are well received by consumers who are faithfully not following from the beginning of the emergence of their markets with the products bearing the LEONA brand and with great curiosity to try everybody new product.

Otherwise, Lyon has implemented all quality standards such as ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP, and ISO 22000, and since this year has implemented the HALAL standard.

" From the beginning of its work until today Lyon has been committed to constantly improving the quality of the products and their packaging to get the final consumer more a favorable price. Our motto is "to produce 5-star products at the price of one"

Riste Ristevski, Executive Director

He explains that although the products mentioned earlier are well known to consumers in Macedonia, the company is less known because they have been more focused on finding new markets, and less attention has been paid to marketing and promotion of the company and products.

" The last year was actively working on the redesign of some of the products from the Lyon program, and in parallel, we also worked on the preparation of a range of 20 new products, we think that we are now ready to take a more active look at presenting and promoting our products starting with digital marketing, a new website, the presence of social networks, a further presentation of the products at the outlets themselves, the introduction of marketing, and all this to bring more products closer to consumers know to become friends and to brighten everyday life."

Riste Ristevski, Executive Director

Lyon is awaiting obtaining a building permit for the construction of new production plants with an area of ​​5.000m2 for expansion of the existing facilities, but also for expanding the range of products that will be intended for the domestic market as well as for the export markets. This business approach will open the possibility for employing new staff from multiple profiles, and new 100 to 200 jobs. The investments are planned as part of own funds and part of the credit line from the European Bank with a preferential credit rate offered by the commercial banks in Macedonia. 

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